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Automatic Poultry Watering System (5 cups)

Automatic Poultry Watering System (5 cups)

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Drinker Cups for Backyard Chicken Flock Automatic Poultry Watering System (5 cups)

Brand: Lumenon

Color: Orange


  • Lumenon drinker cups are an innovative way to provide always-fresh water to your flock. As a bird drinks, the spring-loaded tab is bumped, releasing more water into the cup. Traditional waterers, on the other hand, need to be cleaned and refilled frequently, and are prone to contamination.
  • Molded from heavy, durable plastic for a long, trouble-free life. These cups are very reliable.
  • When chickens peck the yellow trigger, the valve automatically releases water into the plastic cup. Provides clean water to chickens, and doesn't waste water.
  • The drinkers can be easily installed in the side or bottom of a bucket. The cup stays clean and provides low maintenance.

Details: Access to fresh, clean water is vital to chickens' (and other poultry) health and egg production. The challenge is that chickens can be messy. Traditional open watering can be a constant challenge as birds like to foul the water by kicking in droppings and dirt, and even knock it over. Save time and effort by using easy to install and maintain automatic chicken / poultry drinkers. The commercial poultry industry uses self-contained automatic drinkers.

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